Stepping into you!

Throughout my life I have switched religious camps, this one, that one or none, but never closed my mind. Thankfully, after much heartfelt thought and a determination to understand, spirit (or God, or the universe), chose to have a chat with me. I now see my Truth. That in itself was my journey. I now pass this on within this site and my blog. It isn’t a be all or end all, it is just my journey. There are many,  many paths. Even the unbeliever of anything has their path. You cannot know love without hate, happiness without sadness, otherwise with what do you compare and be able to ‘know’ these things.

I can tell you to not put your hand in the fire because it will burn, and you will understand this. But the day that you actually do burn your hand…all changes…then you DO ‘know’ that truth for exactly what it is and what it means to you. It is just like love, until it is felt you will never understand or ‘know’ its beauty. We put out to God or the universe what we believe…and God or the universe in their perfection give exactly back to us for our benefit so that we may learn that wisdom that is exactly for just who we are.

It can be a rough ride but those things are the things that make the biggest impact on us until we understand and take those things within. When you finally see, feel and understand this, all judgement ceases (and I always thought that was some righteous throwaway line), and you finally begin to see what is meant by ‘unconditional love’ because it shows that we all have our own individual, unique journeys. They all have their good and their bad bits. That’s how we learn. And it occurs when you are ready, within yourself, to ‘look’ and ‘want’ to understand your truth.

What gives you that glow within when you do something, the feeling of love when you help the one or the many. But foremost, when you finally begin to love yourself, give to yourself, then and only then do you give from that place and God or the universe give exactly that back, and your life begins to change and you attract more and more on that level.

Do you think this is not truth, then try it…if you can drop the fear of what others think of you, the fear of feeling silly and the fear of failure…then you are ready to be your truth, ready to begin the other side of your journey. You have done the lower emotions of anger, hate, fear, non trusting etc, felt and ‘know’ that part of who you were. Now it is time to feel and ‘know’ the next part. The part where you ‘understand’ because you ‘can’ compare to the other things that you have already done, and now begin to truly understand within with the wisdom that you have gained.

To continue this story I have put a new menu item above ‘The Truth’ for any who may be interested.

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13 thoughts on “Stepping into you!

    1. Another I found in the spam folder. I’m going to have to do this regular I think 🙂 Again, thank you for leaving a comment. Our journey can have many steps but I think that is it’s beauty. After coming through those things that test us, we so appreciate everything so much more. Namaste

  1. “You cannot know love without hate, happiness without sadness, otherwise with what do you compare and be able to ‘know’ these things.” This is so true. Everything is everything… If there was no justice system there would be no criminals. The criminals give law enforcement jobs. The justice system and the criminals are opposite sides of the same coin. To know joy you have to know sadness and the to know peace you have to know chaos. Everything serves a purpose. Thanks for sharing, wishing you love and peace.

    Namaste 🙂

    1. Thank you Divine. When understood, this world is perfectly balanced so that whatever our journey is, it will attract all of those things to create an understanding of unconditional love. The more I see and feel, the more I smile in understanding. Thank you for your comment and your lovely wishes. I wish you love and peace in your journey also. Namaste

    1. Thank you Willow for the lovely comment. It has made me a very different person, and thankfully allowed me to see my own heart first, then give from there. It is a changing of attitude, to be honest with myself, and see all that denial and fear within that I had built up over the years thinking I was coping with the world beautifully 🙂 But of course, that is what makes us, that ability and strength to actually look inside and know that that is where it all begins, and then begin to understand the why’s of those fears and then release them, and start to live what I know within is my truth. I now know I can take on many things that used to make me block through those fears. I can look back now and smile because of that, and know I’m ok. Love & light. Mark

    1. Thank you for the Reblog. It was an incredible journey, a little scary at times but the lessons I gained were beautiful beyond measure. Love, light & blessings to you also.

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