If the wind didn’t blow…how would the tree’s grow stronger?

If the fire didn’t burn…how would that renew much of nature?

If the rain didn’t flood…how would those pastures restore their fertility?

If the earth didn’t break down…how would the mountains crumble to build the land below?

If you don’t trip, fall and stumble…how are you going to, emotionally and physically, create that strength, renewal and restoration to build that love within you?

Have faith in your journey. Yes there will be very hard bits, and these are the one’s we always remember. But among the bruises, scraped knee’s and tears to bind them, will be some magic. Some we may not even recognise, but truly we are building something very profound.

On those days when nothing matters while we are looking lovingly into another’s heart, we can eventually do that when we are looking into our own…just by those bruises and scrapes.

How much more beautiful and profound will it be when we want to.