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Namaste Princess!

After all that was shown to me in ‘The Love’, spirit decided that I needed to see something a bit further along this journey of unconditional love so that I may realise it’s significance over time in how it has affected me, my way of life and just how I project that out into the world.

It has been nearly two years after my relationship with the most beautiful women in the world has ended, even though we are still good friends. And in that time I have always given to that friendship, knowing that given time we would both eventually meet others and devote more time and energy into those relationships, to progress further on our journey of understanding of who we truly are.

So last night I visited my princess to give her a present for her birthday. And was met by this incredibly beautiful and regal queen. Recently, over a period of a couple of months, I felt a change within her in a way that was showing, after a few years of going through some seriously traumatic events, that that time of the princess was now over. The beauty of what those events had created was now beginning to emerge like the chrysalis of a butterfly. And it was a lovely thing to see.

We talked for some time and I could feel the energy coming from a totally different place. Her confidence in understanding what she had now become was amazing. She had found that lovely lady within, and was beginning to show that love to herself, after all that had gone before. Give to herself in a way that showed she had come through that trial by fire that is needed to create that rebirth within, and then come from that place to give truly from the heart.

Her heart was in her eyes, the happiness in her actions. She was blossoming in so many ways after her time of understanding, with those things that she had gone through. I was so happy for her after seeing the pain and the struggle that her life had put before her so that she could find that queen within. That searching and finding of that wisdom and belief in herself to become that hope for her future and what she wanted to become.

I’ll never forget that journey, as it was this princess that showed me the beauty of unconditional love. And I now realised, that was why spirit needed me to still be a part of this relationship, so that I could see that this was a gradual process like any other. We grow in faith in ourselves, we grow to understand anything we study, we grow in understanding in the raising of our children, we grow in our love for another, but the biggest and most incredible growth, is in loving ourselves. These things test us in so many ways, but in that final testing we slowly become that beautiful thing within that is unconditional love.

So after all that has been said and done, my love for this beautiful lady and all that she has taught me, is undiminished. My own heart journey has reached a new place of understanding and letting go. The woman I have loved and remained friends with has grown in her own voyage of discovery. Time for me to let the princess of yesterday blossom as queen of her own heart. Sometimes letting go is the only way to keep that which we love and those we have known. A new stage of the voyage begins. Friendship and love remain.

Love rejoices in another’s happiness. Always.


This song is so poignant to my journey, it’s synchronicity in how I found it, was as always perfection from the universe.

Dream a little dream!

What do you really want out of life…really? Big house, beautiful wife/husband, children, nice car? Great, but why is it that when I look around and check out all of these great expectations that I hear everyone aiming for, all I find is sadness, anger, frustration  or just numbness wherever I look. What is this missing link that very few seem to find? Is it the expectations, because if you put that out there surely your asking to be let down. Many things get in the way.

An opportunity came my way to build a home and get out of the rental market so I jumped at it. Lots of money, overtime coming out my ears, all I had to do was persevere with the very long hours to obtain that ultimate goal of a home.

Four years later, very, very tired and a family that I think remember me as someone they could do things with and enjoy weekends away and have quality time with, had nearly put out a lost and found notice but couldn’t remember what I looked like to put a description on it.

Where did it all go wrong? The great dream of your own home….but at what cost? Yes I believe in making sacrifices but where should you draw the line, when is that line crossed and it becomes a serious subtraction in who you are, what your goals are and probably more importantly how that is affecting those you love?

Had it all, five acres, nice owner built home, started to do the ‘Permaculture’ thing, all going like clockwork. But what was this ‘goal’ that seems to have become lost on the way. It all seems to have been forgotten on the way through or someone had moved the goalposts.

Or had we all become ‘duped’. Some ultimate goal that we all had been taught by our parents, teachers and peers. Some target off in the future that always seems to inch further away for each inch of ground that we cover. And everywhere I looked it seemed that all were coming from this same mould. All trying to find this mythical Shangri La in our own little backyard of peace and happiness.

So when this dream of having it all had gone by the wayside and my journey through life had seriously found me wanting in many areas in my life, I began to reassess and redefine just what it was that I wanted out of life. Spirit had been gently knocking on my door as I came out of my self imposed coma of life and began to show me another way. A way that at first seemed a bit outside the loop and frowned on by those who ‘had it all’.

It began at a friend’s place with a little meditation. When I began it was a journey in itself to shutup and quieten that racket that always seems to be going on ‘upstairs’. The ego is a noisy thing but eventually peace reigned and I began to ‘at first’ just relax and finally begin to de-stress this crazy life that I was in the midst of. And then the fun began. The ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ of so many things that at first I thought it was just the mind. My poor head, I thought I had finally lost it with all these things floating around in there but it was only a shock because I had never given spirit a chance.

I slowly realised as time went on that it is a learning experience to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ just who you are, and how spirit relates to exactly who you are so that you may understand what comes through for you. At first it may feel a bit disjointed but as time goes by it becomes more and more relative to you so that it can come across as relevant to where you are within your life. Like anything you do, practice at it will allow it to become easier.

And my life from that point has changed to such a degree that it was like going from black and white to technicolor. Everything changes. Life has meaning. Peacefulness, calm and that little thing called sanity has a room on it’s own with views forever. And as time goes on, and that understanding that spirit imparts, allows more and more realisation for your path. And the dreams you had are now gone, replaced by a new wisdom with no expectations and a love within that goes on and on forever.

In time I found it came easier when I used another technique while asleep. I have put this technique on the menu above under ‘The Dreaming’ for any who are interested. I have since found that this technique, I think, is referred to as Lucid Dreaming.

Have a great day, may your dreams guide you truly.

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