The Balance!

This world does indeed ‘feel’ such an isolating place at times. But there is a balance, the occasional beautiful hug, be it human or puppy. Sometimes we even hug the poor postman for a surprise visit with a package 🤣

But that ‘alienation’ has a big purpose. It asks us to go within, test our hearts in where it is so that a little more can be discovered as we peel away that fear of life. Probably the biggest thing I see for everyone is those doubts built from what we learn from our upbringing. And those very things ask us to go beyond those beliefs so that we can truly understand us within them, and the love that had been hidden behind our emotional walls.

It is a very powerful thing, hard but when seen you will never doubt again, see a love so profound and be glad of every step you have ever taken. All I ask who have seen it, say the same thing…they would not ever change a step, not a breath, not a moment in time for what is waiting in that discovery. When they ‘see’ and understand, the look in their eyes is a lifetime of weight being dropped off their shoulders, a relief immeasurable…and tears, big beautiful tears for what they have found. Oh, and something I haven’t spoken of before…a realization that it all wasn’t them. In fact an understanding that it was all a very purposeful time so that they could see, no blaming, no holding anything any more. Just a beautiful knowledge that what they have been given is in fact that love and happiness we have ever searched for, even though it sometimes feels like we have been down in a very big hole.

One cannot be understood without the other, and yes it does seem contradictory. Digging away in a big dirty hole, half the time in darkness, half in doubt we will ever find anything…but…and as I have always said…we cannot know and appreciate happiness truly, unless we experience sadness too, and as it does through all of our emotions. This over all journey does exactly the same, we must experience our ‘conditional’ love with all its fears and emotional baggage so that we will finally see and truly appreciate unconditional love when we discover it.

One cannot be done without the other, and it is a long journey. But it is because of that very thing that we will truly appreciate it when it comes. That discovery in our world will be beyond handfuls of diamonds or gold, it will be so beyond anything you could even think of. And that discovery, which we touch on every day trying to understand our journey, is the balance to finally reach our destination 😀❤️🙏

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  1. IAM glad I’m not the only one who feels the alienation at times… although I must admit I’m getting a bit fed up of these dark feelings that keep rearing their head! But I keep shining my light and know this will pass as I know I’m getting closer to feeling home full time❤️ Thsnks mark for your writings… it makes me feel not so guilty that I’m not writing! Waiting for the next inspiration to come in🥰 sending love down under😇

    1. Hey dear lady, love received with gratitude my friend. I got a few anonymous commenters and I thought that was you but suddenly your image came up elsewhere. See, you are loved immensely, WordPress is even speaking to you now 🤣 As for your dark feelings dear lady, it is a very hard time for you after all you’ve been through and the changes now kicking off is testing us all too. I know it takes big changes to bring us into that beauty, but as you say, some days there only seems to be that blackness. But there is a beauty there my friend, it will lift your heart to remind you that what you have experienced is building something wonderful. I cannot say enough of that love I touched, all being built by these good and hard times, to finally come to its destiny. And the instant you touch it Barbara, you will be glad of each and every step that you have taken…and ‘know’ that this love had guided you to reach that place inside you. There is no ‘not make it’, simply because we all have that love within us, and it is ever that intent in our journey. And if you can cry of a loss, your heart is already there kind lady. Take a bow, it takes great courage to dare these steps and dare them you have. Big hugs and have faith, soon you will touch that beauty unhindered ❤️🙏

      1. Thanks for all the thoughtful loving answers mark… my first comment did go into anonymity… so you guessed right😃 here’s to having patience, trust and feeling it all❤️🙏

        1. It is a big journey Barbara, the best answer I can really give is…would you like to be back when it all happened…no, simply because it has changed you, and very profoundly in just a short time. Your empathy, compassion and love has grown hugely, even though among it, it confronted you in your journey and even those of others around you. But your heart is truly beating another path kind lady, even if the darkness does come to visit, but even that has a purpose so that you can see you have changed from the last time, and the time before that. And very importantly, how you feel for you. Big hugs my friend, and much love returned in what you now give naturally ❤️🙏

  2. I’m still not getting your posts automatically Mark. 😳I have to go through Google. Not the end of the world, but I wish WP would get its act together!

    Experiencing unconditional love is everyone’s goal, I would think. But as you say, we wouldn’t recognize it if we weren’t familiar with conditional love. We need to know sorrow to accept Joy….fear to appreciate peacefulness, lies to recognize truth. And we need to associate with people who raise us up, not tear us down. You’re one of the good guys.

    But please Mark, stop hogging all the chocolate! 🤗

    1. Why thank you Ginger, it took a bit of tripping and stumbling to shine my heart up a bit. It is a long job…but oh so worth every single step kind lady, and you explained it perfectly. I think you too have indeed shared that path to explain it so well. Thank you 😀
      But as for WordPress, the silence here is deafening. I’ve thrown every switch 10 times, backwards and forwards and even sang to it…nothing. Mind you, my voice is a little scary 🤣
      My last thought is I might have to do a post on their ‘new’ WordPress symbol in each blog’s ‘Leave a reply’ comment section. If you click inside the comment box first like your going to leave a comment (and you have to be signed in), then click on the round blue WordPress symbol (just under or over the comment box), it should drop down those selections for you to receive posts, comments etc. If you do that on each blog you follow then you ‘should’ begin to receive their posts comments etc. Should being the operative word. Beyond that it’s back to my carrier pigeons I’m afraid. But I thank you for your persistence dear lady, a shame that it isn’t just ‘easy’ to make it about the blog and not the workings of it.
      🤣 Ok, I’ll be good and share a little more chocolate then my friend, I suppose a factory, storehouses full, may be a little bit piggy 🤣❤️🙏

      1. Ooh wait, there’s also another one. When you click in the comment box on someones blog, your icon and a cog is next to it in the box. Click on the cog and it will do the same thing as above with those drop down choices as well 😀❤️🙏

  3. We keep returning to source over and over again. A continual metamorphosis until our fragile wings are strong enough to fly. Thank you for the beautiful post, Mark. My world is a better place with you in it. We are all in this big hole together or apart climbing up towards the light. When I’m out, I give another a hand up or a ladder. 🥰🙏❤️

    1. That you do MM, your words always that hand up for another, which I thank you for sharing that love in your knowledge for me. I hope you are feeling better my friend, it isn’t a great thing at the moment but the changes coming through I have not felt anything like it. The speed is just incredible. I just mentioned to another that I think up to this point we have been mollycoddled as the saying goes, but it has truly stepped up a gear. So much is wanting that balance, which is hard even if for our own good. We seem to have attracted a moment in time, a gear shift so we can get up enough speed to break through this moment. Much love and light, many hugs, and hand in offer for that next climb kind lady, may it all come to rest in our hearts new way of being soon 😀❤️🙏

      1. Thanx for the well wishes, Mark. We need so many hands right now, but just remember I have yours and you have mine. All of our kindred spirits are there with outstretched hands. I pray the breakthrough to peace, clarity and harmony will arrive soon for the sake of all humanity. 🙏🥰

  4. I have at last found the notification to bring me updates into my bell notifications Mark. I unfollowed the refollowed, then came to reader and was able to adjust accordingly.. 🙂 ❤️

  5. Just as the “lost son” returned to his father according to the Old Testament, mankind will return to their loving essence. It is unavoidable, even though it doesn’t always seem that way obviously.
    Thank you for being the inspiration you want to see in this world!

    1. Thank you my friend, what you speak is so true. I only yesterday was shown something so powerful in his journey, that passion of the christ, that truly left me in tears to see such incredible meaning behind his journey…and ours because of it. I am trying to find words to share its meaning for a post…but it leaves me speechless. As does that meaning within unconditional love, words would only lessen it. Thank you for sharing, may Spirit help us all to see ❤️🙏

  6. I think only those of us who have dug deep into that big hole really understand the Gold nuggets one finds within yourself when you actually dig deep enough…
    Yes its dirty, its painful and its exhausting at times.. But like you say.. We wouldn’t change the journey of discovery..
    For in digging.. We find ourselves..
    Great Post Mark..

    Sorry I didn’t see this post.. and it didn’t come into my notifications.. Hummm … xx <3

    1. Very true Sue, this journey is indeed the making of us. Each and every step adds to that beauty within, even if seemingly no worth. It all adds up, creating that love within us…finding that love of ourselves through that fear.
      And yes, even after a new load of WordPress, a new host, it still has problems. I think everyone needs to do a re-follow here even if still receiving comments or like notifications. The ‘follow’ at the bottom right corner even has a ‘reblog’ and ‘comments’ addon now, don’t know if they work but at this point I’m prepared to try anything 🤣 Thank you for the share Sue, I hope all is well…biscuit, hubby and garden…and the sun is shining over your way nicely 🤣❤️🙏

      1. Well I scrolled down on your main page and upon your post and the last thing on the right is your Categories The Journey.. and then its blank.. I get the comments and reblog on others but not on yours??

        1. Yes, it will indeed kind lady. When I was shown unconditional love…it all indeed was that Now! ❤️
          Um…I’ll have to check that Sue. For me when I’m at another blog, the follow is hidden until you scroll up and down and it then pops up at the bottom. At one stage I was having to click on the three dots in that ‘follow’ area and it would bring up a ‘Log In’ option that I had to click on for everyone’s site before I was able to comment…but that seems to have backed off…thankfully. It was becoming quite frustrating. Could you let me know if that ‘follow’ does not pop up when you scroll. I’ll have to go looking a bit deeper into my setup to see what is happening. Thank you. I was wondering why it was so quiet here, I had just put it down to my new reload 😀❤️🙏

          1. And in fact, it will only pop up at the bottom when you scroll ‘up’. I use the scroll wheel on my mouse and if you just do a quick scroll up and down a couple of times, that ‘follow’ popup should come up at the bottom of your screen wherever you are on anyone’s blog page. If not, just click a few times on the down arrow to go down a blog page, and on the first time you click to go back up, the ‘follow’ rectangle should popup then at the bottom of your screen 😀❤️🙏

  7. Balance is key…I’m not quite sure that my comment will go through but I’m trying again…unconditional love…yes…soneeded…so necessary…thank you again for always reminding us…Sending healing hugs

    1. Your message is here Yvonne, just anonymous. I think an un-follow then re-follow to stir it up seems to work…I hope 🤣 And yes, that unconditional love is that trail we follow, many bumps and doubts, all teaching us to slowly come to that balance of love. May your journey become that balance kind lady 😀❤️🙏

    1. Hey Michele, glad to hear your voice kind lady. And it is a big journey, but a very profound one in the beauty that awaits us in finding that balance. May all your wanders, paths and adventures give you that hope of a well balanced heart my friend, each step is bringing it ever closer 😀❤️🙏

  8. Why would we be here if it was not to dig through the fog of doubt and cross the black woods of fear to find out who we really are? If there was no fear and no doubt, how could we appreciate what we find? That’s why we chose an incarnation down here. We forget, we explore and research in countless ways due to the path we choose every day. And on and off we discover something that leads us closer to our original intend to incarnate.
    I am definitely one of those who would not change a single thing in this life, not even the most terrifying and painful experiences. Because everything that happened made me who I am today. And everything that happened led me to that part of “wisdom” in me I could dig through until this day.
    Wonderful post, Mark. Extremely wonderful and heart-warming 💖

    1. Oh wow…your an angel aren’t you? Truly worded Erika, to a ‘T’. This journey is indeed a teacher to guide us to dare to open back into what we are, and in that process ‘see’ and ‘understand’ what we really are.
      I have never ever forgotten the first powerful ‘knowing’ from Spirit when I was shown that in our spiritual form we know everything…but do not ‘know’ it. It is like anything we can name, we can be told of something but it isn’t until we experience it that we truly ‘know’ it truly. And every single thing that we do down here is so many pieces of a whole, shades of ‘knowing’ in it all. Slowly building an understanding of us until we ‘see’ that final destination that unconditional love is. And like anything we build, we cannot ‘see’ it fully in the beginning…but towards its end we can begin to stand back and truly appreciate what we are building. And on that day of completion, truly we will feel such a profound appreciation of every single thing we have gone through, understand that it was all needed, good, bad, and everything in between was a part of what we are so that we can ‘see and feel’ it all.
      Beautifully said Erika, your Spirit is singing that incredible understanding as you stand back and can ‘see’. Thank you for sharing that wisdom and love my friend, and gratefully received 😀❤️🙏

      1. First we are drawn away from our self, only to find ourselves there again. We have this feeling in us all our lives, but first we have to find the right entrance in the labyrinth of our belief patterns through all the distortions and disguises.
        I admire an artist who sees a painting or a sculpture in his mind’s eye and then realises it in the same way. He knows it, he sees it and makes it visible to others. This inner eye reminds us of the work of art that we are. And in the course of our lives we manifest it more and more on the outside – at least visible to ourselves.
        It’s incredible the inspiration you provide, Mark. So many memories you share and evoke in us. Thank you!

  9. Thank you, Mark, for these reminders! ❤️ while I can feel this balance and unconditional love, at times, it is far from constant at this time.

    1. We will get there Tiffany, this world of ‘conditional’ will always guide us in its many ways so that we can experience those opposites and finally reach that understanding and balance of unconditional love through them. Thank you for sharing and your balance is always welcome here kind lady, regardless of its status 😀❤️🙏

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