What is our journey!

Our lives are always filled with a ‘need’. You know the one, we try to fix it when we buy clothes, chocolate, holidays and even the big one, that absolute ‘need’ to be loved. But never seeming to remove that empty feeling. Many relationships have been sought to assuage that need. But all those needs have great purpose. That ’empty’ that is a constant in our lives is always asking us to fill it. And as we go through life we are taught the good, the bad and the ugly. Each and every one of them point our hearts to that inner truth that is gently waiting inside us.

If the ‘need’ was not there we would wander aimlessly and not ‘become’ something greater, something wonderful. Simply because we will find that all those things we thought were needed are then put into the ‘experiences’ of life and we don’t have to go there again…er, except for those times where we forget to turn the repeat off. Mind you, I have to admit our fears really keep those repeat functions in full swing…but we do avoid the fears a lot.

But I tell you this, the day you finally see through all those needs because you have finally broke through the fear, the one thing that keeps us in that full swing of ‘need’, is the day that our hearts finally touch a love and peace that lets it all go. Our needs just no longer matter because we have found what was beneath it all, that ‘need’ to be loved, wanted, happy and all those other things that our fears stir within us. When we finally see that our fear was us blocking our love, our belief in ourselves, all because the fear is our inability to believe in who and what we are. That negativity (fear), of ourselves, no matter what it is built on, will not allow us to give us that one thing we have missed and ‘needed’ all our lives…acceptance of who we are. The fear is a condition we place on ourselves, and in understanding it that condition is finally removed and we can then love us ‘unconditionally’ and it is the most beautiful thing we will all touch in this entire journey.

It takes a long time, but that too has great purpose. After enduring a life of ‘need’, when that inner ‘need’ is finally met, the release, the let go, the absolute appreciation of what we have achieved in its true understanding, will allow us to see its true purpose and understand it is all done with a love like no other…by us, for us…the one ‘need’ we have been missing all our lives ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  1. I believe I’ve found a way to comment to you… let’s see❤️ Firstly IAM always delighted to receive tour posts so I know you are breathing better and better🥰 and being inspired to write and share your wisdom. I wholeheartedly resonate with the need we all chase after most of our live, filling that void until the day we sit in silence in the void… maybe for a long time… trusting ourselves to feel the pure love of consciousness which has always been there, waiting patiently❤️ Sending you love Mark🥰

    1. When there is a will, there is a way Barbara 😀 So ‘my’ posts are coming through then, still trying to figure out how to get into yours. Something interesting happened the other day, I wrote a comment on another blog and it did go through to the page, I moved back up to the top and then came back down reading other comments…and it was gone. Now maybe they didn’t love me a lot and dismissed it, but it was only about 30 seconds. My rejection rate is now about 30% of people I follow and getting larger very quickly. And I still feel something ‘hovering’ in the background, as in a large distraction, something I’m being guided to so I may ‘disappear’ anyway. A healing ‘out there’ somewhere that is going to take me further along my path. Maybe I’ll become a zookeeper and start further healings on the lovely creatures within. They most certainly need it.
      Anyway, hello dear lady, I hope your side of the world is seeing some sanity and becoming real again. The atmosphere of ‘unrest’ is only the change we need to bring it in. Yes, a wave or two must be climbed but it will bring in what we all truly want in our hearts. Then we will indeed be in that inner place on an every day basis instead of only when we lock ourselves in, inner or outer, to find that peace. Thank you for sharing dear lady, may your change be as peaceful 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Thank you Michele, my little adventure is very slowly receding into a memory…but a very strong one. I’m just contemplating what it truly meant to me as it did shake my tree a lot and crumbled my beliefs considerably. As in what I believed up till this point what life meant. I still have my foundation but I was shown something that I have never seen/experienced before and it shocked me. A post is brewing when I finally ‘understand it’…says I, and who like the rest of the population is trying to fit life together every day 😀
      And yes you are correct, it is in understanding ourselves and removing that inner pain that we can give from a much truer place, no longer restricted by that ‘on guard’ pain that we live with. Don’t get me wrong, it has great purpose. That long slow healing will give us a very strong appreciation of what we have endured to finally see something that will leave us gobsmacked in its understanding. There really is a rainbow at the end of ‘our’ day 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. Hey there dear Mark….So glad you are doing okay and still posting your heart. It’s all about becoming one with yourself, knowing yourself and most importantly believing and having faith in yourself! Without that there is a huge void within where fear grows and one gives up on themselves and looks towards others to stay afloat. Secure your own boat and sail safely forward….Be well my friend and stay the course. Sending you lots of light…..VK ❤️

    1. Ah dear lady, it has taken a while to walk the talk again but I breathe. Isn’t that a gift in itself? ❤️
      And yes, to sail towards a new harbor is an interesting change. That inner light has ‘shifted’ somewhat after my adventure and it has brought a new ‘view’ to what is truly (and I’m going to have to watch it when I use that word 😀), around us. I’m contemplating a post but spirit has asked me to ‘ponder’ a bit more so I truly (there it is again 🤣), understand just what happened.
      Thank you for sharing and caring during a hard but interesting adventure…thank you, it is very much appreciated 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  3. Oh, Mark, this is so beautiful. And just so true! We are living in a truly exceptional time where the high frequency energy pouring in is here for one reason and that is for all of us to return to love. I live with someone who is resisting this energy because of the fear to come face to face with the pain held within. It’s exhausting at best to be around this caustic energy fighting constantly so I distance myself as much as I can. God is going to shake him up, split him open, rock his world and all that garbage will come spilling out. I think you understand what happens to hardheads. Yup. Those lessons are tough beyond bearing at times yet because those hardheads have stubbornly held on which is no longer needed, the lessons are that much harder. I know the intensity of my lessons. I wish that on no one yet my prayer that everyone’s heart is lined up with love, overrides the “knowing” of what is coming for those of hardheadedness. Bless you for shining so brightly. And it sure sounds to me you are well on your way of mending. Good for you! xo

    1. I can only give you what you already know dear lady…just be there for him. What he has packed inside I wouldn’t wish on anyone but as you said, it will come out simply because his spirit within wants him to find what we have, that love that is open and pure. Those walls he holds he knew to be his safety spot, but as time goes by it has eaten away until he reaches that point, as we all do, of I’m not doing this anymore, I am worth so much more than these years of pain…and he will take a step.
      Just let him do it as in reality we can only guide. It’s like that saying…you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. And your heart is the thing that is leading him on. Just be beautiful, loving you. Cuddle him, give him room, give him your smile and your pictures…that is the love that is calling him. The patient, smiling and ‘knowing’ that what he does is a very profound step for him. Give him your look as you did for Jesus, that in itself allows them to feel and know that this journey is indeed the right path to be on.
      Blessings to you both dear lady, it is a beautiful thing to watch another stumble beyond that barrier within and take that first free breath…and look at you with fresh eyes…one with a new heart opening within. Love and light to you both 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. Thank you for both the words and the prayers, Mark. They have been felt. I asked God to break him to let the poisons out. Today is a much calmer day. Bless you! xo

        1. And bless you Amy, it is a beautiful thing to touch another by just being that love ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  4. That’s so right! When we are filled with love there cannot be a void to be filled. Because in the end, love is all we need. And with love we are in a place of contentment and the intentions of why we are doing what we do change, probably even what we do changes.

    1. Yes indeed, a heart filled with love has no other ‘need’ to distract it. In fact it will just give to everything that love it is filled with, instead of the reduced wall of fear that blocks it. And I love that word you used of ‘contentment’, that is exactly what self love does, fills us with contentment because it achieves our lifelong goal and no longer has that ‘need’ to fill. Well said Erika 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. Yes, exactly, contentment asks for nothing but realizes that it has so much that it can even share. And that’s part of unconditional love. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post, Mark 😊

            1. Most certainly, when we finally see its truth we just want to share its beauty 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. You just go with the flow dear lady, your journey has been busy enough 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

        1. Just take your time Amy, I’m not going anywhere. Your heart needs to breathe a little first ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

        1. That it did dear lady, you are now back in my inbox. Bear with me so I can have a little read. My site has been particularly stroppy lately and even I can’t comment on others sites. I still feel this ‘change’ coming through 😂 🤣

  5. Thank you for this.. I think responding to a need when really it is something deeper our soul needs from us truly does only end up leading us astray.. There is a place of deep peace beyond all of this need, I do touch it at times I guess my practice lately lays in trying to dwell in that place more consistently…

    1. We will all try to find that peace my friend, and with practice stand in it at will. But the beauty of this magical ‘need’ is that it cannot but nudge us when it is needed so that we will break through, and free, with the understanding that is waiting within it. I am always amazed at what urges us to look deeper so that we can see beyond our fears, even to the extent that we will be led astray…so that we can see that…and be redirected. And yes, even to further ‘astray’ but after many of those we get serious because we no longer want the pain that astray brings and so we step more meaningful into alleviating the hurt and really try to face what pains us and find respite from this battle 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  6. Thank you for this insightful post Mark. 🙏 It’s so worthwhile to pause and acknowledge our needs and what is driving us. When we recognize our needs, we are no longer driven by them and can let them go. Fundamental needs remain for our wellness, but the rest can transcend into something that inspires our deeper values and joyfully encourages us to reach out more and more.💕🙏💕

    1. It is a very beautiful process. It may be tough in some places but how would we appreciate its worth without being tested in our hearts.
      Thank you for sharing, may your ‘needs’ be that heartfelt and loving 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. Thank you Val, I’m still around as you are, even if anonymous 😂 🤣 I can still feel your heart though, W.P. can’t hide that from me…I hope 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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