Magical New Earth!

(This following post I shared with Barbara as a guest blogger on her topic of a Magical New Earth!)

This world is a magnificent place, many things coming together to create something so wonderful that we can go out in nature and immediately ‘feel’ its beauty and relax, ground ourselves in its energy and even come to a stop. If you close your eyes it allows a calmness, a serenity of what it is and if your not careful you will drift off into a sleep that Sleeping Beauty would be proud of.

And in this beautiful world is something else that on the surface cannot be seen. We get up each morning groaning about work and what the day will bring, let alone those things that are buried a little deeper and continuously worry us in all our waking moments. But what if I was to tell you that underneath all this is something so wonderful to be almost unbelievable.

It is true. I have seen and even touched it with my own eyes and inner being. It was beyond words it was so powerful. And had left me in tears because it had now built a new hope within, and begun a faith that this journey was not just a series of blind steps to nowhere, but a very beautifully crafted creation that had only one destination in mind. A destination that I had now seen with my own eyes.

But what purpose does this staggering around on this world have but multitudes of bumps, bruises (emotionally and physically), and an alarm clock only ever attuned to begin more of it each day. How can this be even in the same breath as what I had found.

And this was the part that staggered me when I understood. This very place is one of the greatest places to begin that journey and ‘become’ that destination. We begin it by just coming here to see and feel all that it can share with us, and each and every step will ask us a question, ‘who am I’, to which we will balk, run away or contemplate its meaning. Simply because that is our nature, the nature of a magic like no other. It wants to be found, but like all magic we must first believe in it, only then will it begin to show itself.

Each and every moment it is there, even in the simplest of things, to which can be the most profound moments as we realise what had built it. A smile will leave us speechless in its power, so much so that we cannot help but give it back. And this magic is entangled in everything…but up to us to use it in the faith it was given us.

If it is given with an intent that is wrong, by that very intent will it remove its magic and show us what we had now created. By giving from a positive intent it will increase and flow more freely. It is that balance that the entire universe is built on, understand that intent and your magic will be like an alpine mountain stream, clear, sweet and free.

And we will never understand happy unless we have experienced sadness so that we can see and understand them both. As we must do as we go through life in all those physical and emotional things that touch us in our life or with what would we compare them to. Experience is that understanding.

And in our journey we must experience this balance, it is the very thing that will allow us to truly understand the magic we have created within us. We will attempt many things that will build or destroy, and each of these actions build or diminish whatever we attempt. And in each of these movements will it create many magical emotions that will guide us to that inner place within us all. By how it has made us feel will it build within us a magic beyond words. And in each and every moment will it share so that we can become that very magic we have built. It is so natural that it will always be a part of us, and each time building on what went before.

Balance is in and of itself an understanding. You must understand who you are to find that balance. In the beginning your struggling to breath, eat and figure out who this lovely smiling face is that gives you everything while changing your nappy. And it takes many years to begin to realise the many things that happen to you have two sides. Like taking the car without asking has another side that did not seem apparent at the time…but it will when you return the car.

And just to complicate it a little further, you will also realise you are ‘different’ from everyone else, and I mean everyone. Because this very magical environment you live in is also very different from everywhere else. And this is where the magic comes into its own. You will try to integrate and balance who you are in any circumstance. It will juggle, pull, poke and prod so that you can fit…into ‘you’. Even though it feels like we need to fit into ‘them’. More magic.

You will attempt the ‘them’ for many, many years wanting to go with the flow of that mountain stream. But something keeps building dams on it and blocking forward progress. And this too is the magic of the universe. You are still too unknowing and unbalanced to go with that flow. You have to understand what you are doing isn’t going to fit. After attempt 462,837.

So, after many years, you become disillusioned, tired and just plain had enough (and remember this bit because this is where the true magic is). Your heart feels empty after all this work and nothing seems to have happened that remotely feels like magic. But this is where the magic gets serious and can see that you are now ready to attempt something that only belief can give.

An event will now stop you in your tracks, ask you look deeper into those old bits that you had covered over as not working. That place that you have avoided as useless as all it did was the opposite of what you want. The universe taught you that, if it diminishes you it doesn’t feel good and doesn’t open your flow. But here is the dilemma, you have in fact avoided it because it didn’t work…but never understood why.

Let me show you the secret of the universe…just because a car doesn’t have any fuel in its tank doesn’t mean its unusable…’understand why’ it doesn’t work and it all changes, so much so that a whole new world is open to you when you understand it just needs fuel and you can then travel far, adventure far, and touch and feel so many new things…all because you understood it.

Now when you go poking around in this ‘painful bit’ that didn’t work, like before you will feel those bits that aren’t very comfortable and want to bury them again. But be patient, this has been sitting there interfering with everything that you do. You know that because of the weight it has given you to carry because of you not understanding.

Now remember this bit, each and every thing you do understand…you let go of it. You don’t have to do anything with it because you now truly understand it. Its weight is no longer a yolk around your neck. An example…you realise the car has no petrol. You ‘understand’ that if you put petrol in it you can go anywhere to your hearts content. So you no longer give it any thought. You understand it. But if it is broken down half way to your favourite restaurant, it now becomes a weight, simply because you don’t understand why it has broken down. This can be applied to every single thing in your life.

Now back to the painful bit. Dig. And I mean dig because you have used a shovel in your coping strategies to give it a decent burial because of the pain that it caused. You know the pain, one of those magical emotions so that we can ‘see’. It’s just that this particular emotion you put very dark sunglasses on. And for the life of you, you cannot pinpoint the ‘why’ behind it, but that is only because you don’t want to remember because of its pain.

Now here is another piece of magic, the time factor in you burying it and you refacing it is intended to be a very long time. This thing has been holding you down, back and every other thing you can think of for one very good reason. The magic wants you to see and appreciate all that you have been through for this moment. It wants you to understand that this very painful journey is in fact for you. No one else, no ‘them’, no anything…but you.

The weight has made you feel inferior, lower, ungainly, and just uncomfortable as you have chipped away at it for so long. Remember the disillusionment and empty feelings, those negative feelings of self worth that held you from yourself. Well this moment is where all that magic you have created is about to come together and put so much petrol in your tank that you will now be able to travel forever.

Now I will give my ‘dug up’ bit here as an explanation. Everyone’s is different even though they all lead back to the same place in our hearts.

I had as a child ‘feared’ that my dad didn’t love me, and all through my life I ‘did’ so many things for people so that they too wouldn’t ‘not love me’. But what I didn’t realise was I had buried this, I was just being nice to people because it felt good to me and the responses from others. What I didn’t understand (and remember this fear is blocked by a very young immature mind), was the ‘why’ I had it in place. As I got older I didn’t understand my fear or why I would react to anyone who treated my ‘un-lovingly’.

Find your ‘un-lovingly’ in all your relationships. Find that common denominator and you are standing at magics doorstep. Be courageous and take that final step. Allow it was a long time ago and the X on your map may be a little off. But you are in magics ground now, and it will lead you to your X and begin your dig for something that will change you forever, as any treasure will.

And when you finally uncover that last piece of dirt, allow light into this very dark place, you will for the first time in your life ‘look back’ at what created it. And it will shock you to tears because you can finally, truly see what it is, and the why behind all that you have been in this life. And in that one moment you understand. You see why you have blocked it, why you have become what you are, and why it was needed so that you can now understand fully this journey and why you are here.

I have seen faces so profoundly moved in this moment. Hearts suddenly opened beyond words. And the flame…a flame finally lit by a magic that sits quietly within us all, just waiting for this moment to open that treasure and sing. It will from this moment on shine very brightly, beautifully showing what we have become because we have dared this journey to find something so profound…and finally become what we had always sought…that magic within. It is then that we begin a new journey, this time on a very well lit and loving path home.

Barbara asks what it is that I would envision as ‘a new you and a new life’. Actually I know that we will all become a new us and a new life from this magic that is a part of all we are. It will not matter what happens ‘on top’ because underneath it all is something that will renew all that we are regardless.

But if I was to envision anything, it would be that an event has occurred to ask us truly what has meaning for us, to look deeper in our ‘life’ and see that many things that we held no longer seem to have the importance that they once did, and many other things that didn’t have meaning, now do. That is the magic that we have created within us, it is asking us to look just a little deeper and dare to take this step towards it…for us…and for us all to become the change that we envision ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

Just Erick (his story in the post below), and I chatting eye to eye about our magic! 😀 🦜

36 thoughts on “Magical New Earth!

  1. Beautiful post and bird!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom of the heart. 💖

    1. Thank you kindly. It is a blessing that was given me when I was down in a very large hole, the one we all find at some time in our lives. But I then had the audacity to ask God what purpose could all this misery possibly have ‘down here’. So He showed me…but not until I had gained the wisdom of experiencing that journey first so that I could understand. I’ve had so much mud on my face from premature ‘understandings’ I have learned the greatest wisdom of all…listen first, understand second, then listen again just in case. Only then was I asked to share what I knew. It is amazing what fear does to our lives…it heals us by showing us…us. It is the biggest blindfold in all that we do, so that when it is removed we will for the first time really appreciate the glory of that light that we are 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Thank you kind sir, it is a journey for us all to find that inner heart and know loves truth. Down here has great meaning, and especially the struggles so that we will find the one love we constantly deny ourselves through our fears, the ability to love ourselves. Thank you for sharing 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. Love, love this post Mark! Once again you are brilliant! Once we are brave enough to face the enemy, which is ourselves, and brave enough to stand in the snow naked, the magic that is truly us will emerge. Our life will start to make sense, and we will come to know why we are here.

    1. It is a very beautiful journey Michele, even among the bumps it will expose our hearts more and more. God has created something here, and in the universe, that is love personified 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Yes you most certainly did reply Amy and I replied back but it came up further down the page. I have been having so much trouble at her site. It refuses to allow me to follow her, I comment but it keeps putting it on the main comments column, not under each name I reply to, and I have to keep going back to check if anyone has replied because I am not being alerted to any replies I see. I think spirit is blocking me for some reason, something that I might interfere with what Barbara may be going through 🙁
      Anyway, the following is my reply to your comment on her guest post….

      “Thank you dear lady, it is an incredible journey for us all, to really find in our hearts who and what we are. The amazing part, as difficult as it is, is to go through such pain so that we understand both sides of our many emotions so that we can truly ‘see’ its purpose. Mind you, in the beginning it just seems like such a horror like the world is picking on us. It isn’t till later that we realise it is, but in such a loving way so that we can eventually see the love that is us.
      Thank you for sharing Amy, may that gift in your heart sing loud and clear…just like in your photo’s 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋”

      Thank you dear lady for your reply, it is greatly appreciated and loved for the magic you always share my friend. Have a great day! 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. Let me put it simply, Mark. The ups and downs I’ve experienced have been extreme. Yet the harder I get squeezed, the more the “pus” can emerge. Or something like that. Have a great weekend! And sorry to hear (again) your blogging troubles. Much love to you! xo

        1. It is an interesting journey dear lady, and this journey has created a great photographer and someone who can ‘touch’ Mother Nature. That in itself is so worth our path. Painful, yes. But that worth is not measurable in anything but the love that created it ❤️ 🙏🏽
          Much love and light to you also kind lady, may that inner light you have created always light your path xox 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  3. Dearest Mark… Reading this for the second time around from Barbara’s guest post, I think it resonated even more deeply reading it again my friend..

    Your words so profound and true…. While reading again this paragraph stood out to me

    “And in our journey we must experience this balance, it is the very thing that will allow us to truly understand the magic we have created within us. We will attempt many things that will build or destroy, and each of these actions build or diminish whatever we attempt. And in each of these movements will it create many magical emotions that will guide us to that inner place within us all. By how it has made us feel will it build within us a magic beyond words. And in each and every moment will it share so that we can become that very magic we have built. It is so natural that it will always be a part of us, and each time building on what went before. ”

    I feel I am within that space right now Mark… We have held that space within for such a long time, going through our own inner journeys which have led us to our very moment of NOW… And in that moment we have the opportunity to Create… With what it is we choose…
    And that choice whether we deem it positive or negative is just the right balance for that experience and growth to the next phase of our expansion..

    The world now held within another period of that expansion…. Holding its breath right now, we have brought this into our experience… I find it fascinating that as a species we have over the years been cutting out the lungs of the Earth as we cut down forests .. And we now are seeing our own lungs being attached..
    The world indeed becomes a mirror.. that reflects back our creations…

    I truly believe Humanity while it is now in ‘Shock’ is being given a great opportunity to heal its long held inner wounds..
    And like those of us who have gone within to do our shadow work… When Humanity understands as we do, then that then becomes the Magical Moment of Transition… We are all within our New Earth right now… Its just many do not allow themselves to see it..

    Thank you Mark, for being a beacon of light my friend in your teachings and within your friendships.. You are a light to so many.. And I thank you for helping me within my own journey..

    Love and Blessings.. Sue ❤️💚🙏💛💖

    1. It is my pleasure dear lady, I give out only what was given freely to me. Ok, I admit, I may have kicked my toe a few times to get where I am 😂 And I have been given much in return my friend, your heart is sharing much in her opening and truly a teacher cannot understand and be wise unless they become a student too…always ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋
      And you have never spoken truer words Sue on our lungs within us is most certainly a reflection of Mother Nature’s lungs. We have reached this space where the virus causes very bad breathing issues (more and more tree’s being cut down) and this isolation being how the Earth must feel. Billions crawling all over her but totally ignoring her needs. It can only have a bad outcome because that is what we are attracting by this selfishness. And I have no doubt that if the first attempt does not work, the second may really clear her space and allow her to rebuild. Could you imagine the Ebola Virus breaking out, the death rate for that is horrendous compared to this current Covid-19 virus.
      And another thing that is coming clear from this current issue is the ‘energy’ I am feeling from everyone is this…it has rocked their boat, touched their ‘safe’ world and truly shaken them up. They now see an appreciation of what they did have and their tolerance now, especially from the politicians and their greed to get the economies back together regardless of the live’s that this will cost, is going to be telling in the coming months.
      People have been ‘touched’ and in that appreciation there is many more hello’s (albeit from a distance), smiling and chatting as they do realise what they had and what they could have lost. It will indeed ‘shift’ everyone and that change will slowly come out into the world and begin something new.
      Here’s to a world that can breath again dear lady, and Nature is truly natural again. Thank you for sharing your journey. Love and light to you 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. I agree with you Mark about their boats being rocked and how when something is taken away how suddenly they then appreciate it… This is far from over as I foresee lots of Waves of ups and downs yet to surface.. But we will ride each one out and those of us who are surfing the flow, will stay afloat and hopefully ride it out giving strength to those who are struggling…
        Many thanks dear Mark… Nature has been refreshing this early morning… Another sharp frost which did catch my Dahlia’s even though they were covered in the cold frame… We had to move them to make room for the Tomatoes… Good thing we did not plant out in the open.. May is deceptive, as we have had a very unusually Warm/hot Spring, And she has left a sharp frost several nights in a row…
        take care Mark… and much love returned my friend ❤️

        1. Our weather has been quite up and down as well dear lady, we are about to start our Winter and have still had days at 28C here on the coast. It will have been warmer inland.
          But regardless my friend, if we keep our hearts balanced we will have done what our journey needs of us. Whether keeping the beauty of your garden which in turn keeps your inner garden in tune as well or trying new adventures in growing something different which will encourage that faith and hope within ourselves. It matters not as whichever way we go it will always lead us home regardless the path.
          Love and light to you and hubby also Sue, may each path always show us its beauty 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  4. Mark, I don’t even know where to start with my comment. This post is so very powerful – no – empowering, bringing back life into one’s life. Your explanations open a specific place inside and there is so much light coming from it and also flowing into it. I have no words to describe it.
    Yes, life is everything, and everything will make us understand what life is, who we are, why we are, and at one point we simply perceive without the need of explanations. Once we have understood life and the universal law there is an awareness taking over which centers us lasting. We will understand without seeking for answers. As you said, once we understand we can let go and stop digging down into the same whole wondering why we cannot see the light. Once this understanding encompasses our being there will be a complete liberation of everything we built around us with destructive thoughts.
    There is so much more to say but actually, you said it all. Amazing post, Mark! Thank you 😊🙏

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Erika, and you are right, the journey is a most empowering one. It begins as it should, emotionally helpless and relying on others only to take on their ‘broken’ bits so that we can also ‘do’ the same path so that we can find us. All of those experiences are the key to understanding who we are. It serves no purpose to be given our Diploma of Life without going through the study it takes to appreciate what is truly within and the understanding that it gives.
      And you are very right in the fact that at a certain point we do indeed become very perceptive as we awaken to what is inside us. It is like many things in life, that moment where after sometimes many years we begin to do something no longer requiring to think about it anymore, it becomes second nature because it has become an art form for us. Like a new job, becoming an artist or anything we do. It transforms from a focused intent to the loving energy we are becoming, unconditional if you will. Everything has conditions to begin with but as time goes by it becomes more unconditional, until we are free.
      Our hearts have also carried many of them but it too shall be liberated of all it carries as we become in tune with the unconditional that love is.
      Thank you for sharing dear lady, may your conditions give you those understandings and the love that it builds to set you free 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. So true, Mark. And indeed, we may even have resistence towards certain things but once we are used to doing it, we make it part of our lives. I like how you put ithe transformation from conditional and unconditional Like it happens with our thoughts. A thought, thought often enough becomes a pattern and later it sinks into our belief system – the constructive like the destructive.
        Let’s try to see the conditions a spring board to enter new plateaus 👍😊🎉

        1. Most certainly Erika, let us break those old patterns and consciously become a new one. One’s no longer built on those old conditions we hold, to be more fearless in each step we take, and believe in ourselves to be more loving as we break free from what we were 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

          1. Right, determination and endurance… and we can change our life (or at least how we perceive life) that way!😊💖😊

            1. Yes. But just remember that it is in understanding the ‘why’ of our reaction to those painful things is the key. Understand it and it loses its power and there is no reason for it to drag us back into its pain. Break that pattern of fear and we truly are free to create us as we wish…’unconditionally’ 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

              1. That’s true! Understanding the why is cutting the strings to the pain or a painful past. We take away the ground for pain to stand on because, as you said, there is no reason anymore to drag us back 😊😊

                1. We all have them simply because as children, those we love and look up to taught us (unintentionally) their fears, they knew no other way. At that age most parents hadn’t resolved their issues. Hence those calls we get of ‘your just like mom/dad’ etc. Mind you, we get the good bits too. Telling the difference between them is another matter 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

                  1. Absolutely, when kids are small the parents are at an age they still have to deal with their own fears and “young” points of view. So much that is planted in an empty innocent ground. I can so relate to that when thinking back of me and my children. I often do that actually because I realize so much I passed them on due to my own overwhelm. One thing that made my eyes watery is that it seems my kids have not perceived it as so extreme as I do remember. Lately, I celebrated my 50th birthday and my kids wrote a huge birthday card in which they said how they admire me for what all I was able to get done and what I did with and for them. They said, they see how challenging and straining it was. I had never thought they would look at it so differently. It was such a relief for me.
                    As you said, the get the good bits too. The difference is subjective though… lol

                    1. When spirit told me it is all meant to happen I was aghast, at first thinking God had made a mistake, there has to be a way to repair this part of our lives. But as time goes on I can see it really has to happen or we will not perceive its beauty and wisdom in having to go through it and understand us. We have this amazing conditional planet, mind and journey so that we will understand unconditional. Nothing could be more perfect to experience one side of our emotions so that we can see and understand the other to become that wisdom.
                      It is amazing when our children make comments like that, we don’t realise just what they do see and understand. I suppose we just think they are our kids and we’re still in caretaker mode so they won’t see that side of our lives. Mind you, your children knew a perfect heart when they see one dear lady and appreciate it totally. And I know you have made the grade too, at 50 your heart only feels like its 12 from over here, if you’ve got your childlike wonder back then you most certainly are on the right path ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

                    2. I agree, my heart never followed the age of my physical self and I will never allow to lose the magic of my inner child. Thank you for your wonderful words, Mark. Again, this brought tears to my eyes. May you have a blessed rest of your day. Thank you for making such an effort to reply 😊🙏💖

                    3. In the end the truth becomes the easiest to share dear lady, it is our destiny 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Most certainly dear lady, it will ask it of us when we are ready. Love has such beautiful patience, it only asks us to believe in ourselves 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  5. I can feel and have experienced the difference being outside. We have quite a few trees around us but we are still close to neighbors…….this weekend, 3 deer where looking at me in my backyard…… was AWESOME…….and the birds, so many more birds 🙂

    1. It is so wonderful to ‘hear and see’ nature returning. It is then that we realise what had been missing, that beauty in her energy that ‘our’ world blocks out.
      This New World is indeed how we perceive it. We can think in the old way and stay in that stagnancy or become the new way that is more peaceful, accepting and more aligned with the energy that nature truly is. That love that is everywhere. May your world be ever built on that love dear lady 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

        1. My pleasure Wendi. I remember hearing it from others many years ago and feeling that I could never ‘be’ in that place. I felt everything about me was wrong, different or I just wasn’t good enough. But one little step after another is all it took to change the world. My world! Just believe in who you are dear lady, a greater love you cannot give ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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