A few weeks ago in the midst of this ‘nesting’ (Amy’s lovely new word instead of ‘lockdown’) experience, I had a visitor who arrived with great fanfare…and by the back door I might add. His arrival was noisy and I could feel a little distress, so on going out onto my balcony I was confronted (and I use that word deliberately), by the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. And he let me know it by coming straight to me and asking the question…food, wheres the food?

We had had a storm the previous night so I can only assume he had escaped from his cage and decided out here was much more to his liking. And as he had been captive bred he didn’t have a clue how to fend for himself. So I could not see him starve.

I could see on his leg a breeders band so he obviously wasn’t afraid of us humans but I got such strange looks because I didn’t have in my hands said food. So I went in and retrieved some bread and honey as he is a Rainbow Lorikeet even though I have never ever seen these magnificent colors before, and they are a pollen and nectar feeder. And it wasn’t until later that I learned that honey as a food is an absolute no, no. It is the equivalent to letting a child into a lolly shop with lots of money. You are returned with a very sick child…who will then do it again at every chance you give it. They have a brush like tongue to get among the nectar producing flowers to eat the nectar and pollen within them, and eating honey (or seeds) is actually bad for their digestive system and the seeds can actually damage and destroy that ‘brush’.

Well before you knew it he had ‘moved in’ and took over the place. In that one action of feeding it, it now chose to alight on my railing each morning at 6am (and many other times throughout the day), screeching to be fed. They have a very distinct call (screech) that would not only awaken me but every neighbor within half a mile so he had me over a barrel as I had effectively told him I was the chef.

Well after two days of this, one morning I had forgotten some clean water so I went back inside and left the door open. Well, that’s an invitation isn’t it? He came straight in and landed on my shoulder to see where I was up to…is it ready yet? And his inquisitiveness was astounding. Everything within reach was chewed to be tested for food, fun or festivities.

The only time I saw him really come to a stop was when I went into the bathroom to grab some toothpaste one day and he saw his reflection in the mirror…he froze…then after a while a slow threat dance began to keep this intruder away from ‘his’ chef. It was so funny to watch but I thought I had better not do that. He was in a strange world as it was without another intruder.

And during all of this spirit wanted him to be always let outside for what I thought was to hopefully let him learn the ways of the wild and fend for himself. One day he never came back and spirit said he had gone to where he was needed and I could feel this ‘knowing’ of this young child and the beautiful gift that was going to see them through this enforced isolation with the virus which made me feel grateful. I only named him Erick after he left as he was a little magic for me also. Naming him before would have built a stronger connection and made it harder for him to settle in his new home.

So I shall show this young man in all his glory below, just click on the arrows either side of the images to go forward or back, or click on each of the dots below the pictures to go through the gallery. Please excuse the mess and I’m afraid, the blurry shots. He wouldn’t keep still (well, that’s my excuse anyway, plus my mobile phone isn’t a great shooter while you have this fellow bouncing from shoulder to head to keyboard. Amy, now I understand your difficulty in taking pictures of moving targets 😂 🤣 ) 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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45 thoughts on “Erick!

  1. So glad you decided to write and share your full magical experience with Erik❤️ you’ll never forget this and I feel he gave you permission to truly fly high yourself now. Can you imagine us all getting so excited to live harmoniously together… finally after the length of our journeys…. going into a new experience❤️🌈💃🏼🕺 much love to you mark🙏

    1. Thank you dear Barbara, it most certainly was a lovely experience. Each time I heard him outside I was gladly opening doors and readying a meal. But I think the most lovely part was after being fed he would settle onto my shoulder and preen me, sharing an amazing energy, that one we call love ❤️
      I sent him a loving energy in return for his current journey, and hopefully a similar experience has awaited him. Much love to you also kind lady, may your journey also be with that love 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. Thank you so very much Mark for sharing this experience. I can’t imagine the energy that the two of you shared. Mutual love and respect……….and for it to be experienced acrossed species is even more special……….that type of communication is on a much deeper level. Just wonderful! 🙂

    1. It was most certainly a beautiful connection dear lady, he was most intrigued by me. Mind you, I was having a ball with his antics. Although the odd ‘dropping’ was keeping me on my toes, and back, and floor lol 😂 🤣
      Well, that is natural for them I suppose. If I started doing that I think I might get into trouble 😂 🤣

        1. Apparently its good for so many things. Mmm, I wonder if its a virus killer. Who would have thought, trying to avoid it by tip toeing through it in the yard and it is our savior. All those years you’ve had it around your probably now immune. Nature saves the day…again lol 😂 🤣

  3. Oh my. You’ve tapped my bleeding heart. I hope he’s ok! Tame birds not meant for the wild. Here, the hawks have been very predatory lately. He is a beautiful little guy, though . . .

    1. I think he’s in a good place Kristine, spirit just showed me that he was going to be keeping someone occupied while this ‘isolation’ is happening. And I am actually thankful of that, the local crows were even starting to check him out because he wasn’t acting normal which to them means a feed.
      I have since found out he is a ‘pied’ variation of the Rainbow Lorikeet. It’s like the rare occasion you get an albino. But the colors compared to a normal bird are incredible. If he wants to come back my door is open for sure 😀
      I’m going to put the shots I have up in my gallery up top sometime later, this display gallery on this post has thrown them all into one size to fit and distorted the images somewhat (mind you, my photography with my mobile phone is ‘ahem’, a little shaky up close while he was trying to chew on everything to check it out 🙂 ).

        1. Most certainly dear lady. When I realised he had a registration band on his leg I knew there was an owner somewhere in distress from losing him. I actually rang multiple lost and founds to put it out into the world but nothing ever came back. I would think Erick’s new ‘position’ must have been more important 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

            1. I keep thinking I hear him occasionally because he ‘seemed’ to sound a bit different to the others, but with the other 10,000 that live around here and fly past all day that may be pushing it a little bit 😂 🤣

  4. Oh my goodness the captions had me roaring, Mark! A Lorikeet! I’ve never seen one before. I do wonder where he did come from. How I wish Erick did stay. Perhaps he will return. What a gift you were given. You never expected a bird to fly into your house now did you? I believe you were given many messages from Spirit regarding this out of the blue visit. I absolutely loved loved loved this post! Thank you!!! I also do appreciate the links to my blog. Now you have a wee bit of any idea how difficult it is to photograph moving objects. xo

    1. Yes it was amazing that the moment I went to name him spirit said no, that he was going elsewhere. So I was reading a post on Erika’s site and started to reply a comment and the bird jumped off my head onto the keyboard and pecked like crazy. So I took that as a name for him, the male side of her name anyway, and kept it till he left.
      And I have found out that this particular Rainbow Lorikeet is very rare, it is what they call a ‘pied’ Lorikeet, a throw back in their breeding that comes up occasionally.
      I think that I was given an opportunity to ‘touch’ another animal after my amazing journey with a friends horse some time ago. A bit like your Karma encounter next door, it really touches us to realise we can connect on such a deep level. It has taught me a lot in both encounters dear lady 🙂
      And your not kidding about moving objects, especially this close. And to make it worse this particular photo display I used on this post set all the photo’s at one size so it distorted the images as well. I might put them up in my gallery at the top later in their proper sizes and see if that makes them any better. My pleasure to share dear lady, your images gives me hope that one day I’ll get better at shooting images. Thank you! xox 😂 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. Keep in mind, the equipment I use is very powerful, Mark. To be able to capture that bird in motion with a cellphone is AMAZING so give yourself a huge KUDOS!
        Thank you for sharing the story how you named this bird. And a rare one at that! Wow! How humbled you must feel that this bird both trusted you and chose you. Amazing feeling isn’t it?
        I had a rare experience with Karma today yet due to the cold wind SIGH today I couldn’t stay out with her in the pasture as I would otherwise would have. Karma was so so proud of herself. She showed me where she had trodden a path in her pasture that she created making solid footing for herself, something she hasn’t had due to all the freaking rain we’ve had. That pasture is a muddy mess! She walked back and forth snorting, displaying to me her genius. I clapped and shouted and made a big ta-do cuz it most certainly was. I knew instantly what she was doing in showing me what she had done. She was so proud of herself! LOL
        To make you even feel more better, I to this day have not been able to capture any of my cats in motion with my cellphone. Wow to you!!! SMILE!! xo

        1. Yes, my mobile phone camera is an average of everything so that the slightest movement is blurred. And your lovely camera has shown many pieces of magic on your posts dear lady, hopefully I shall obtain one in the future and share in some real photo’s 😀
          It was an incredible feeling with Erick, especially when he sits quietly and grooms me. We had a great (but short) friendship and I really did appreciate that connection dear lady. And most certainly Karma has done the same to you, you can understand what they are saying in their actions where before we would never had taken notice. And their energy is so shared, it makes you feel so much a part of what they are. We have stepped into another world Amy and a magical one at that. To really ‘feel’ them in this way is a love indeed, take a bow dear lady 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

          1. Yes, Mark, we most certainly have stepped into another world. And! It has begun to extend to people. Everywhere I went today on my walk I “bumped” into the nicest people who deliberately stopped to talk to me. All because I had my binocs around my neck. LOL What a truly wonderful magical world we live in!!

            1. It is amazing indeed dear lady, as is your connection to Mother Nature. Even the people are feeling your inner change 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

                1. Lol…go Amy. Let your heart sing my friend, that in itself will heal the world 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  5. The captions you wrote underneath the photos were hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. The bird is a beauty – and the time you both shared would forever be cherished.

    1. Thank you dear lady, he did indeed create a lovely energy in his visit. And I had to caption it so that everyone could understand his energy with all the things he got up to. And it will be remembered for sure, a visit like that doesn’t come along every day 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  6. Wonderful story Mark… and I think we are often gifted with the presence of our animal and feathered friends to keep us company and to uplift our spirits even if as in the case of Erick it was for a short while..
    Let us hope that some young child found him and is now laughing and learning him new tricks… He was obviously a very tame bird…
    I saw more photos over at Barbara’s where your Guest post was also a delight to read…

    Sending thoughts you way Mark.. At the moment I have a cat sat next to me, he isn’t ours he pops by every other day to say hello… Sometimes he just walks right in and makes himself at home .. He has soothed me spirit no end in recent weeks…

    I think Spirit Know exactly Who to send, where and when… 🙂
    Sending huge hugs Mark… Take care my friend 🙂 🙏🌈💖

    1. Thank you Sue, and yes, Spirit does know who, when and where to send those little Angels to. It was an amazing adventure as in all the years of having many animals I had not had a bird under my care. Simply because the cage thing bothers me. I’ve seen them have the run of the house which is fine but the natural byproducts tend to make it a bit messy 😀
      But nonetheless he visited and made me smile, what more could I ask for. Just like your friendly neighborhood cat, just the thing to curl up next to you with their lovely energy 😀
      And thank you about my guest post at Barbara’s, it was a bit large to what I normally do and I had a bit of bother trying to reply to comments but hey, it kept me off the streets for a while 😂 🤣
      Huge hugs back to you kind lady, keep safe and enjoy the sunshine in your garden 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  7. Wow Mark, what a great experience you had. He might come back to visit you. My daughter raised a baby bird and after it was set free it came back once to say hi. Sometimes these little beings are sent our way for a reason. I still have the cat that was sent to me, but she’s a pain sometimes, lol. 🙂

    1. I think they all test us Michele, whether with a great big hug or a ‘little’ mess that they leave us. It was an amazing experience. I would love it if he came back when this is all over, mind you I may have some explaining to do as these units have animal bans and I don’t think I can tell them its my singing, it is bad but his squawks are very high pitched and loud 😂 🤣
      Thank you for the share dear lady, and stay well 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  8. I love love love this story of how you two met. This is so poignant. You were meant to find each other and there was a bond from the beginning on. My God, is that beautiful. I have been smiling throughout reading and while writing this comment. What came to my mind instantly was this quote: “Life happens while we are making other plans.” Those unexpected things and little (big) miracles we are blessed to be gifted with. Thank you for sharing this story, Mark. Oh, and nice to see you. Btw., I like the name of your new friend😁

    1. Thank you, and it was very poignant dear lady. In these times of isolation it touched many things in so short a time, and his energy and way of being was so adorable that he was most certainly distracting me totally.
      And I have to make a confession here…while he was sitting on my shoulder and occasionally jumping down onto the keyboard, I had been thinking about a name for him and spirit had said not to name him as the connection between us would make it difficult for where he was to go. (Names are a powerful loving connection, you are given permission to share openly with another in sharing it. That is why when we are angry we never call someone by their name it is always another angry name because of its power. In another way we can be angry but plead with love to be treated properly and we will use their names but with that loving pleading to be fair. The tone and inflection with our love, or not, can be very powerful :)).
      So I thought to myself I would name him for our encounter. And you wouldn’t believe it, as I was making a reply to you he jumped onto the keyboard and started pecking to say hello to you. So I thought of course, a lovely lady of impeccable charisma, so I ‘borrowed’ your name, but obviously the male aspect of it, and he was Erick from then on 😀 ❤️
      I hope you don’t mind but it suited him to a ‘T’, and he had all your lovely aspects, especially the energy 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋
      By the way, there is a photo of me in the post called ‘Coming Out Party!’ as in no one knew what I looked like so I put a photo in so everyone would have a face to acknowledge the name. Another one of those energy things 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      1. OMG 🥰 I am more than humbled… actually speechless. What an honor and most of all after what you wrote about the power of names (I never thought about it but this is so true what you said. I am thinking differently about it now). I really don’t know what to say. Sending Erick the biggest energetic hug 🙏💖🤗💖🙏
        What a divine connetion you two must have. So stunning!
        Yay, have to jump over to your post right away 😊

        1. Erick was a lovely connection in an isolated world Ericka, and touched what needed to be touched as your words do young lady. I too keep sending him lots of calming energy, even though I don’t think he needs it, but I can imagine wherever he is it is an adventure for him also. Thank you for sharing dear lady, especially your name. Erick thanks you too 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

          1. May he be blessed. Such a beautiful being… or angel. At least, he even had wings.
            Believe me, the pleasure and honor is mine 🙏💖🙏

            1. Thank you, I hope he is blessed in his journey too dear lady. It was for me a lovely encounter with wings indeed 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  9. What an incredible experience! He seemed so affectionate. Was he a gift to lift your spirits or were you his gift to help him transition to the wild?

    1. lol, probably both Pam. He really did distract me and I enjoyed every moment of it. Mind you, my aim was to please but his aim was all over the place, I was forever cleaning up, inside and out. I couldn’t find a bird nappy on the net anywhere 😂 🤣
      And his affection knew no bounds, so much so that at one point he was constantly preening me and doing his mating dance. I think my reply just left him a little confused 😂

  10. Oh Mark….I so wish he had stayed with you…What a sweet gift he was for you! And he was so gorgeous! I hope and pray that he remains safe or even better, finds his way home! I had a parrot land on my roof up here in cold Vermont so I knew he wasn’t local. I managed to capture him and called our shelter and I was stunned that the woman working there had lost her parrot that morning when she went out the door to work! Needless to say I drove him down to her and it was so wonderful to see them reunited! Lets say prayers this little fellows family get him back. Thank you for taking him in and helping him along! A nice gift during this long quarantine! Be well and stay at peace….VK ❤️

    1. Thank you VK, he was such a special character. It did for a while distract me from everything because of his energy, it was quite strong but it was so ‘connecting’ as all animals do for us. I had been missing nature and it came to me 😂 🤣
      That is an amazing story about that lady losing her parrot the same day you captured that one and in doing the right thing you reunited them. They say that there is no synchronicity or other power in this world, are they kidding me. You would have to be blind to not see those magic moments ❤️
      Thank you for sharing dear lady, those animals in this world are a very rare thing that they do calm us and allow us to just be…mind you, the feeding can get a bit crazy 😂 🤣

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