Come into the light!

This is in reply to a lovely post by Trini, Come into the light and her beautiful energy drawing many to her that not only take advantage of her but can cause great pain in their actions.

Mind you, she has a heart of gold so why wouldn’t everybody be attracted to a calm in the storm, someone who made them feel good about themselves even though they are in great pain emotionally themselves.

And being attracted ourselves to people we admire is the other side of that balance, to have someone who inspires us, gives us heart to take those steps to achieve our hopes and dreams.

A trick I learned, is in being brave enough to stand in your truth around everybody, only then will we attract like people. All else we attract will only test those fears we hold deeply. But that has great purpose, to break those walls of fear and set us free. Without those ‘bad’ people we stay in that cocoon of fear forever.

It is with great love (even though it causes great angst), that they are attracted to us so that we can, with great courage, face them, slay them, and become that beauty that unconditional love is.

We just have to crack that cocoon, become that transition to a butterfly and become the beauty that it creates. When we finally see and understand what is beyond that wall…it will amaze, bring us to tears, and in its understanding we will love the beauty we have now become…because we can finally ‘see’ why we had to go through what we did, and what we have become because of it. A balance of that inner light.

May that inner love always call you, regardless of its disguise ❤️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝

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