Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


My New home!

Ok, this is my first post at my new blog address. Welcome to all that have followed me over, and to those that have just popped in 💜🙏

It is a little clean over here as I was unable to transfer the ‘likes’ , ‘like’ counts on comments and ‘followers’ for some reason. But I was happy to at least get all of your comments on the posts. And I’m still trying to get all of the heart emoji’s to work, which are still coming out as <3 (short code) everywhere. I’ve gone into the settings and ticked to convert the short code into graphics but it refuses to do the heart. I’ve now loaded a plugin for the emoji’s so I will at least be able to add to future posts etc. Maybe I have to look into my own heart a little deeper to express it more clearly ❤

And I pray fervently that this post does not end up in some place ‘out there’ ( unless my higher self wishes to have a peek ) 😀

My old blog site was wobbling quite a bit, to the point that I couldn’t answer a comment, like anything or even sing from my mountain top.

Please let me know if anything isn’t working as I’m still getting used to this setup.

May this journey be with much love, happiness and a ‘like’ click that works  💜 


Why Do We Climb Mountains?


The Ropes That Bind Us!


  1. Yippee! I’m so glad you’re back in business again and posting! I hope you can read my comments and that I’m following you!

  2. Michele Anderson

    Hope this works better for you Mark. It can be so frustrating when this stuff just doesn’t work out for us.

    • Me too Michele. There has even been mayhem at this site, I’m beginning to wonder as I’m being blocked wherever I go.
      I have this odd feeling that something is about to happen…maybe I’ll win Lotto and buy a tropical island somewhere and it doesn’t have any internet 😀

  3. It’s a bummer, but WP doesn’t transfer ‘likes.’ Happy to be here with you.

    • Thank you kind lady, it is a pleasure to be back after all the mayhem on my other site. I can click something and it works…mostly 😀
      And the no ‘like’ or ‘followers’ transfer has left this new site awful naked looking, but as long as my heart came across too it doesn’t matter ❤️ 😀

  4. Humm well none of the hearts and flowers I got there didn’t show

  5. Hi Mark well this comment is from my phone and all seems well and good this end. Fingers crossed for you that the hearts and other bits and bobs work. I hope people have followed you over.
    Now to add some emoji let’s hope the work l. Have a great weekend. We are off to a RHS flower show at Chatsworth House hoping the rain keeps at bay ☔☀️ and the sun shines down
    Much love my friend

    • Hey thank you Sue. Everything will blossom like a flower on my site, as you will be doing for the show 😀
      Have a great time, I think it will be magical weather to enjoy it all 😀
      Much love from downunder ❤️

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