The People In Our Lives!

People come into your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

When you know which one it is, you will know what to do with that person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty…

To provide you with guidance and support…

To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually…

They may seem like they are a godsend, and they are.

They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die…

Sometimes they walk away…

Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand….

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled…

Their work is done.

The prayer you sent up has now been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON.

Because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.

They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.

They may teach you something you have never done.

They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.

Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons.

Things you must build upon to have a solid emotional foundation.

Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.

It is said that love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life…

Whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime

~ Unknown author ~

They are guiding us towards that self love those many people in our lives…the good ones, bad and in between…they each show us…us!
May those that you meet see the truth and beauty that those before encouraged us to stand in ❤️

82 thoughts on “The People In Our Lives!

    1. Thank you Diana, it is a delight to read because of its truth. Its from an unknown author but must have come from a higher place because of the power it touches us with <3
      Thank you for sharing kind lady <3

    1. Thank you Christie. Spirit asked me to ‘put my journey out there’ as a guidepost for any that it will help. We all still have to take those steps but it is a great boon to realise we are in fact traveling truly for ourselves, giving us a confidence boost in those many parts that we think we are going crazy. There are many truths for each of us and our journey will touch them one by one, whether from a child, book or great sage. But the best part of all is when we discover the true us, after dropping those fears and realising they was only blocking what has always been there waiting for this very moment to wrap us in a love like no other…Gods love <3

  1. No man is an island, indeed. No one is to live alone. We are wired for relationships with one another. We are connected. Mark, this truth sinked in to me recently and I’ve made steps to put premium into my family relationships and with every person I get the chance to interact with.

    1. ‘We’ are a beautiful journey Jayson, even though there are many bumps and curves in our road. And those many encounters and adventures with so many different people always ask us to look within and touch who we are, ask of ourselves ‘am I ok’ as we travel our emotions on our paths. We are all very connected and in those interactions we do finally realise that goodness within ourselves and others to see it all has purpose, slowly understanding that enduring each hard step builds a compassion and love like nothing else can. If someone said they could take all the hard stuff from my journey but lose that love and compassion I can now ‘see’, then this would be a great loss indeed knowing what I now know, and I could not do it 😀
      Thank you for sharing, may your ‘seeing’ give you that same blessing in your journey 😀

    1. They are amazing words and they resonate because of the meaning we feel within them. We can look back over our lives and see those moments with clarity, where during them they are only ‘life’ and the adventures we have taken.
      Thank you for sharing 😀

  2. I’m more of a lifetime person. When I give of myself, I give all. I don’t expect it to be reciprocate d… If it was, then wow. If not, I have felt good and hopefully did good.

    1. They are beautiful words and I think because of the love that wrote them they will last forever. Maybe they were written by an angel <3 😀
      Thank you for sharing their journey <3

  3. Mark, I’m considering doing a piece about relationships, and when I do, was wondering if you’re okay if I include a link to this piece?

    1. Even their lessons come in all shapes and sizes. The most beautiful gift I was ever given trashed me into a mess for over 5 years. But it was the following breakthrough, wall crushing, flight to freedom created from it that was the greatest magic of them all <3
      Thank you Angel from Spain, for your contribution as well <3 xo

    1. It is a great piece Kitt, it shows the beauty in all our relationships even though some test our heart severely. But in doing so much empathy and love is built within, each step taking us all a little closer to that love within <3
      Thank you for sharing your reason, season and lifetime with us all, we are all so much the better for it <3 😀

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Mark! It’s a thought-provoking reflection. I agree that the people in our lives show us ourselves. They reveal the real us, and without our interactions with them, we wouldn’t be able to see or form the fullness of ourselves.

    1. My pleasure Carla. They are a varied lot of people, from the postman to our partners, each giving us that reflection back of who we are. It always amazes me when I ‘see’ the exact right people touch our buttons, AND THEN we will do exactly those right buttons for them also. I just shake my head at the incredible perfection that this is. It can only lead to those ‘conditional’ parts of each of us slowly being understood for what they are, bringing us a step closer to the unconditional happiness we seek.
      Thank you for sharing the understanding of your conditional kind lady, and that unconditional unraveling in its wisdom <3 😀

    1. It is an amazing thing when we stop and look with more depth at those incredible people in our lives. They touch us in so many ways, even the bad bits ask us to look deeper into ourselves and slowly realise we only ever react because we are holding a fear and that is the pain we feel. And this very thing is the only thing that holds us back.
      And that is balanced (thankfully) by those angels that we meet also, the ones that bring that magic called love into our lives in its many forms so that we can find the truth of what we really are inside.
      Thank you for sharing, may your Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes be the magic in your life to find the unconditional within us all 😀 <3

  5. What an amazing post! I’ve always believed that everything we go though in life has a meaning, a teaching. But I’ve never taken this further to the people we meet. It is so true… Very enlightening, thank you… X

    1. And I think it also very much applies to those mischievous munchkins that we bring into this world. They touch us in so many ways and are definitely the making of us. I think they are one of those LIFETIME connections that teach us about ourselves as much as we give to them 😀
      And thank you for sharing Suki, especially those funny bits that only kids can do 😀 <3

  6. How profound and beautiful Mark! Truly touching…love that we all honor our connections and are grateful for them! ♥ You’re a blessing to so many of us!

    1. Many thanks kind lady. And we do have many connections, but you’ve just made me realise I have excluded something. Even though people touch us in so many ways, those beautiful animals in our lives can ‘touch’ us also, and sometimes in very profound ways. How could I miss that, especially after my incredible ‘connection’ to my friends horse, it had quite an effect on me as I had never experienced something like that before.
      Thank you sharing Yvonne, and for reminding me there are also those incredible connections that we sometimes don’t give credit to <3 😀

  7. Profound Truths you have shared with us dear Mark.. And I am ever grateful for those who have entered my own life to share their wisdom along my path. And can I say dear Mark, you are among them.. Your words always hit the mark and resonate deep within me..

    This journey we are perpetually learning and growing, and like nature, she too takes time to rest and recover for she knows winters chill and harsh winds will come to bend and break. And unless she lets go of her foliage, the unwanted ‘load’ she carries in forms of leaves she will not withstand the storms..

    Life shows us through our ‘Seasons’ as we welcome in and let go of others along its path, how we are all in continuing motion.. Growing and learning via others who come to tend to our needs by and by..

    I know many such people have come and gone along my own pathway,
    Learning to let go also of the Past allows more room for the present.
    I have been doing more shedding as you know Mark.. And your words upon my post resonated deeply..
    You knew exactly how I felt and what was needed to be said..

    So dearest Mark, I thank you for being present along my particular path, at this particular moment..
    I so appreciate your being part of my journey as we learn to navigate and more forward to the next phase of our existence..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx <3

    1. Beautiful words from much wisdom kind lady. You have been through the wars my friend and it does take much time to digest the happenings and fully understand our journey, and thankfully many of those reason, season and lifetime people have shared your journey. I think that without them we would never be able to touch and understand our beauty within.
      And even though the hard bits strip us of our walls of fear and leave us drained and exhausted, like the butterfly it is that transformation process that we need to become that beauty inside. All our journey down here is a transformation, as it is above. We are continuously changing but as that love in our hearts begins to ‘see’ truly, it changes closer and closer to that unconditional and happiness that we always seek.
      Give yourself much time kind lady as that is what is needed, an emotional turmoil is not like a pulled muscle in your leg that heals in a week or two, our minds are a much more delicate instrument that requires those meditations to allow it to heal, groundings in walks through the fields, and most of all the love of ourselves by doing those things.
      Your beautiful painting of that tiger is the outcome of giving your heart some room to love you and be the person you have been fighting to find.
      Big hugs my friend, be gentle and just do you for a while xo <3

      1. Mark dear friend, thank you, I am doing just that, even taking answering all of your beautiful comments I am doing in manageable bites 🙂 I hope to catch up with most of them over the weekend.
        Thank you for your wise council I do indeed cherish it.. 🙂 ?

  8. I read something similar in high school and it has stuck with me all these years, Mark. I believe this is true–but the comings and goings can get a bit rough . ..

    1. I think it has been around for a long time Kristine, and why wouldn’t it, it is quite profound 😀
      And I also agree that there is a few rough patches…ok, maybe a couple more than that 😀 but they are the ones that teach us the compassion and empathy that guide us back inside, to the one we have blocked with our walls of fear…us…and sets us free. May your rough patches be that guidance…and but a memory kind lady <3

  9. Dearest Mark, the deep truths that are held in this post are endless. For so long the majority of people in my life were on the negative side. Karma had to be shed …. Lessons had to be learned … darkness had to be turned to Light. All relationships are Sacred. Every one! If we but see this and know this, every time someone crosses paths with us we will go within to seek the Wisdom of why. Recently it is as though I have stepped into a totally different world so golden and pure! Yes there are still the sandpapers or the uncomfortable encounters, so those are to used for growth or a reminder of things to assist me in my life. I’ve really been still chewing on this when to speak and when not to speak. Anyways ….. thrilled to see another post from you!! Glory Be!! I’m getting there …. YES! (((HUGS))) ???

    1. Beautiful comment dear lady. Your journey has touched the many facets of these words and the understanding within them. Especially that big connection with your mom, most definitely a LIFETIME encounter, and in the end, that understanding of your love through another <3
      And there has been, and will be many more who will guide us ever inward, be it a hug, a cuddle, or the nudge from a furry friend, they all ask us to look within…or through a camera lens as our gift shines through 😀
      Thank you for sharing your journey too Amy, your input may be the very thing for another to see…and be free, just as you now are. (((HUGS))) <3 😀 <3

      1. Your words as always, encourage, lift, and support me in more ways then I can possibly tell you. I pray mine do the same for you, Mark. In my understanding, we all assist one another in one way or another, even if we are unaware of that assistance. Ever since my Mom’s passing, my life has taken on a new sheen, taken on a new meaning in ways that still to this day amaze me. I said to myself that my Mom was the “Gatekeeper” whatever that meant, and with her passing, the Gate opened. It sure feels that way!!! ?

        1. All encounters are a two way street Amy, even if only to show and acknowledge something within ourselves. And even something like that and seems so simple, can have very profound effects on our journey. Nothing is worthless, even the so called bad bits show many things kind lady. They are hard, but they are the ones that teach us the most compassion and empathy <3
          And I too have felt the many emotions that you have shared in your journey, which in turn gave me much understanding and empathy towards you and your mom and the beautiful journey you completed with her. To share something so profound is a gift indeed.
          Thank you my friend, the afterglow in understanding that is priceless beyond measure. And as you so beautifully said that your mom was the 'Gatekeeper', and in facing that fear with you're mom, you have now stepped through the doorway to a freedom like nothing else. Your awareness has been opened because the wall has come down, no longer blocking your heart. In that love is many gifts within that awareness, like your photography or your love for your fur babies, and even further spiritual gifts may begin. Just be aware you body will need to adjust as you 'ascend' to that new awareness (while still down here), it can come across like flu like symptoms or just feeling unwell etc. It will take some months and they can be on and off for a while, and you may find that you let things go like not doing some things or no longer eating certain things. Your body is clearing the 'old way' of being and letting go what no longer serves, removing an old way of being that your fears held locked in place. You have become a lighter being, and so much so that you will begin to 'see' things from an entirely new perspective.
          Enjoy the journey Amy, it is most certainly a once in a lifetime place to see and feel…and a love like no other…your love, which you will now give out because of what you have become in that understanding of your journey <3 😀

          1. Strange you talk about what the body can do in the process of lightening up. Yep. I’ve been going through a very perplexing phase where I don’t even know what to eat anymore. Allergies that I once were able to live with no longer hold true. The “hidden” “bad” ingredients in some foods are shocking … thinking I am eating a healthy food, having allergic reactions, and digging deep and finding out how the food industries are literally poisoning us with their hidden ingredients disguised as healthy ones.

            When I have those “off” days I know enough just to put my feet up. Oh this has been going on for years to the which I just have to either decide to push through these “spells” or know enough when not to push. SO many changes …

            I had no thought as to the person I am today when I started this Journey in 1984, and in looking back, comparatively speaking, putting the “old” Amy next to the “new” Amy today, the two have very little in common. One thing has been with me since a child … my writing. And an inner urging that my life was a lie as to who the real me is. I continually, persistently sought Truth after running SO hard from myself and Love. Oh yes, I did that too. I remember one day looking into the mirror, feeling deep profound fear asking myself who was chasing me that made me want to run for the hills. I honestly felt like someone was hounding me! Not knowing at the time that it was the Real Me trying to get that young woman’s attention, I instead ran with fear, getting into all kinds of trouble, doing things in an attempt to get away from this “thing” that “haunted” me.

            In 1983 I began to seek GOD and felt for the first time ever a real Connection. One year later was my NDE which changed my life forever, steering me to the Path on which I stand upon today. So much heartache, so much pain, so much confusion, so much horror …. until little by little, the skins were shed to reveal LOVE, a LOVE like no other. Even though I have aged, seeing pictures of me in my teens and 20’s, even though very beautiful, I saw a hardness, a shell about me. Today there is a softness to my face that I couldn’t hide even if I wanted to. I am forever changed.

            I have read and reread your words over and over again. You have been such a God-send to me, Mark. Your deep reflective words move me. This Connection we have I cherish! THANK YOU for taking the time to write what you do which in turn touches something in me that sets these words just tumbling out. If we do not touch base with each other, have a glorious Resurrection Day (Easter)! (((HUGS))) Amy ???

            1. Thank you Amy. It is a huge journey but you are now looking back and can now ‘see’ your journey and its purpose. It does take many bumps and bruises, especially to our hearts, but without them we would never re-align with that truth within and become that love that we always seek. And as you have said, the changes in your body, let alone your heart, have been so transformative. Finally reaching a place where your body is no longer fighting a battle with every spoonful you eat. It is becoming very obvious now as many are no longer tolerating the poisons we are being fed. The medical ‘industry’ is no longer healing from the heart but the linings of their pockets and people are ‘seeing’ it for what it is and beginning to break free.
              And you were blessed with your NDE, that is the most tranformative journey anyone can take, to ‘see’ something so wonderful and forever hold it in your heart. It brings your awareness much closer to the surface, and as you have said, you could see the shell around young ‘self’, the wall we build in our very young years and spend the rest of our lives trying to break free.
              But that has great purpose my friend, it is giving you Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes of people to help you find that beauty you have become BECAUSE of that journey, it is the change of a butterfly to become that love we have always sought in our hearts as we tumble through life…and the glow and awareness of that love is shining all around you now, from your photographs to the smile in your eyes my friend, nothing can now contain what you have now found because that is what unconditional love is, the clearing of the conditional and in doing so through all your trials, finally loving yourself truly in the understanding of those conditional walls of fears.
              Welcome home Amy, enjoy the truth you have become my friend, you have achieved a great and beautiful wisdom <3

  10. What a stunning post. The moving on bit can sometimes be hard to do when we recall the ‘reason’ we sent up the prayer and how we felt when it was at first answered. Only maturity and mindfulness teaches us that time is a healer and ‘losing’ a person from our reality while it feels horrible, they and their lesson will stay with us always ?✨
    Thank you Mark

    1. They are beautiful guides as they take us closer to that inner love. Yes, it can be hard, but that is the only way to learn that empathy and compassion for ourselves…and then give from that place <3
      And yes, their lesson and love will always stay in our hearts. Thank you for sharing Viola <3

    1. Those people in our lives do some amazing things for us Michele, even though at times they can be very upsetting. They teach us much empathy and compassion ‘because’ of those difficult times, and allow us in hindsight to look back at the place we have now reached within because of them. I remember this from looking at my anger one day about my anger for my dad, reading this, and then finally realising that he had in fact changed me very much, and in a very loving way 😀
      And I wish I wrote this, even though it is my thoughts. How it is only attributed to an unknown author is beyond me, it’s wisdom is very beautiful…maybe it written by one of those beautiful people in all our lives, because it always lives on <3 😀

  11. Oh, the deep truths in that piece. So beautiful. Some of the people who have helped guide me to self love the most, have been the relationships that were the most difficult. Some by showing me it’s ok to move on, and others, by motivating me to create change within myself.

    1. It is a very wise piece, it touches those core things that we don’t seem to see at the time. But in hindsight we understand that we wouldn’t be the people we are without those relationships.
      Some can even feel like guardian angels at times, touching us with those moment of wonder that leave such an imprint on us.
      But they all show us the one thing that sets us free…our love of ourselves, the one ingredient missing from our lives that we seek as our happiness <3
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, may you have many 'friends' <3 😀

  12. Mark,
    What a beautiful reminder of the roles the many wonderful people play in our lives.
    I, for one, am very grateful for your presence in mine.

    1. Thank you kind lady, I appreciate your lovely gift in mine also, especially when it involves a garden, chainsaw or pen, all an extension of your heart <3 😀
      It is amazing to 'see' those many interactions, from those we love especially, and more so when there is problems, as they touch those parts where we are struggling. And from my view within, even though it is very painful at times, I can see it being done with great love so that we can understand and break free from those fearful places into that missing ingredient of self love. Namaste to you also Michelle, and blessings for the warmth of a new Spring 😀 <3

  13. Simply poetically beautiful this one.
    I found quite a few beautifully spiritually written blogs today and this is one of it as well.
    Thank you for this … to remind us of the many wonderful people that we have or had in this life.
    Always be grateful and never take disadvantages of such moments because it might be that you will never relive it the same way again …

    1. It is quite a profound read, and most certainly shares something that brings together that wisdom of all those relationships we have, even though many end rather hard. Afterwards we can see that we have in fact become more empathetic because of them and then give from that place to others, just as they give to us.
      Thank you for sharing your heart also Sherrie, may all your relationships encourage that self love within <3

    1. And they will all do us a favor…to poke, prod and interact to ask us to look at ourselves…for there is where the key to this life is found <3
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, and may those people always share their hearts too 😀

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