Daily Wisdom: The Rules for being Human

Found this and couldn’t have explained it better! And yes, all you have to do is listen within and trust!

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Daily Wisdom: The Rules for being Human

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5 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom: The Rules for being Human

    1. Yes, very much so. In these lessons, I love it when I shake my finger at someone or something and suddenly realise it is actually me. Always. Something can happen and 5 people view it, but all five will have different perspectives of what they saw. The reality is…it is only how I feel, see, act or do towards something, and at any time I can change the attitude to that event. So what feels so ‘wrong’ to me, needs to be looked at within. I usually cringe, get angry and point my finger in so many directions, but when I calm down, I eventually realise all the reaction is my attitude from what I have learned. Is it correct? No, so now I need to look deeper and really see why I am reacting like I am. And nine times out of ten it will be from a fear of something. Look deep and know the truth, step through that fear, and be free. Then everything changes because I understand that fear and I begin to create from a whole new place. Mmm, I went to write something and spirit decided an elaboration was required 🙂 Thanks scottishmomus, hope it had something in there for you, someone, anyone 🙂 Namaste

        1. Thankfully there are gems in this great community. I hope the words create an awareness for someone, as do those incredibly inspiring, thoughtful and heartfelt poems of yours. Keep up the good work 🙂 Namaste

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