Fear is an important part of our lives…it keeps us alive…but like everything in the 21st century we ‘overindulge’, and create something we don’t want, you know, turn something the size of a mouse into an elephant, just waiting to crush us with one false move. Now don’t get me wrong, this fear is very important, it keeps us in a space which allows our fears to seriously push our buttons and even make us do some of the most crazy things that usually embarrass us to the core.

But it is needed, because like all things in life, unless we are taken emotionally to a high point of fear or love or any of those emotions…it doesn’t leave an impact on ‘us’. We fob it off and forget it because it has no meaning. So when a fear raises it’s head, here is your chance to look within, feel what it means, and most of all…find the culprit that has you dancing to it’s tune.

What? You don’t like to waltz? Then get out your dancing shoes and show ‘it’ how YOU really want to dance. YOU make the moves. Be brave and step into the tune of YOUR music and make it follow YOU. Better still, get another partner. This partner of fear has become boring and to be quite honest you’ve quite had enough of following something that continuously leaves you exhausted, emotionally tired and drained.

Remember the last time you really danced, it was great, left you tired but so happy within yourself that you could do it forever. Find that person within…be that person…and recreate what it was to have that person back in your life. Have faith in you. It’s there, always has been. Take it back, it belongs to you.

Now, where’s a dance on tonight?

Added a new title on the menu (The Fear) above for any who are interested.

Have a great day, may your sun be always smiling!

4 thoughts on “Fear

        1. Then I thank you for sharing and understanding this journey. It will always bring us closer within so that we do understand it, become that understanding, and then give from that place.
          I share my journey so that others may see that it can be done, be able to have confidence within themselves to begin those steps, and find a truth that is within us all and will make itself known as we build that faith within ourselves. Mark xo

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